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President, Vice President,
& Treasurer

Aggie Royals is led by three amazing women who exhibit characteristics that align with the values that Aggie Royals uphold. The President and Vice President are in charge of keeping the organization running and leading the members to be the best they can be. The Treasurer is responsible for the monetary aspects of the organization, including budgets and collaborating with the advisor, finance center, and officers, as well as maintaining all records regarding finances.

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The Public Relations Committee is in charge of advertising, recruiting, web design and maintenance, apparel, and social media. The Public Relations Committee is perfect for anyone who is crafty, creative, or looking to help promote the Aggie Royals. 


One of the three pillars of the Aggie Royals is service. The Service Committee is responsible for finding, coordinating, and directing all volunteer opportunities. Girls committed to service, supporting the Brazos Valley community, and working with organizations in need are encouraged to join the Aggie Royals in getting involved and helping others. 

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The Social Committee is in charge of planning mixers with other organizations, tailgates, and other social gatherings that enable the Royals to meet other Aggies around campus. The social committee is great for any outgoing girls looking to help plan and organize mixers for the Aggie Royals. 


Our Sisterhood Committee plans activities and outings that encourage unity within the Royal family. The Sisterhood Committee currently has plans for a group retreat, parents' weekend, morning breakfasts before football games, and casual sisterhood nights/events. 

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The Leadership Committee is responsible for organizing events that best prepare our members for their future success. This committee will arrange guest speakers, mock interviews, resume workshops, etc. to encourage members to invest in their academic career.


Fundraising is an especially significant committee for the Aggie Royals. The Fundraising Committee is in charge of coming up with various ideas to help raise money to support our service and women's organization. Girls with a creative and fun attitude who work well with money and people are terrific for the Fundraising Committee.

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The Philanthropy Committee is responsible for supporting Soldiers' Angels. This committee will organize events to raise money, collect donations to make care packages, encourage members and students to write letters to send to deployed soldiers, and much more to help Soldier's Angles provide aid and comfort to soldiers and their families.


Though recruitment does not have its own committee, it is an extremely important part of Aggie Royals. Composed of the Recruitment Officer and the Assistant Recruitment Chair, this team is in charge of organizing events for our application process. This includes informationals, meet and greets, socials, and interviews, as well as sparking students interest in Aggie Royals. Without these two dedicated women, we would not have all of the amazing members that make up the Aggie Royals. This team is not a committee, but rather an additional leadership position that members apply for.

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